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March 23, 2007
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ADITYA Vinay Dots of Destiny £12/$21 PB
This is one of the best books on Ashtakavarga available. Ashtakavarga is a system of astrology, which can be easily learnt, easily applied and deserves more study. Vinay Aditya is Editor of the Vedic Astrology Magazine. 179 pages

AGARWAL G S Practical Vedic Astrology £13/$23 PB
One of the many introductory books on Vedic Astrology. Well set out and packed with comprehensive information, but not very suitable for anyone who has difficulty with the terminology. Better as a reference book. 290 pages

AGARWAL GS, DUGGAL SK & BHALLA CM Astrology Concepts Explained £15/$27 PB
This book is an excellent development of the Dictionary of Astrology by the same authors. It has many more entries. 521pages

AGARWAL MK Mystics of Vastu Shastra £7/$12 PB
There are very many books on Vastu, the science of building and living in buildings in harmony with nature.
As with most of them this book describes yet again the traditional undeveloped rural economy, where you choose your land and build your own house, but it also has some Vastu for flats and offices – more useful today. 226p pages

AGARWAL MK Mystics of Sarvatobhadrachakra £7/$12 PB
Literally the ‘Chakra’ – or chart (in the sense of a graph or a diagram), which is good to use for all purposes. They include Muhurta determination, prediction of sickness or accident, political success, how to determine prices of commodities and shares. The Sarvatobhadrachakra is another complete system of astrology – this is just an introduction to it here. 195pages

AGARWAL MK Vedic Astrology for Marriage Point, Love & Discord £9/$16 PB
Fascinating book all about what affects marriage prospects and married life. The book also gives remedial measures. Packed with information, terminology not difficult, but an advanced study. 228pages

ANZARI Z Dasha Nirnay – Vimshottari Dasha a Mystery £7/$12 PB
A useful study on the most commonly used Dasha or system of timing using planetary periods. Seventy-five case studies from a respected teacher of astrology. 160 pages

BEHARI Bepin Astrological Biographies £15/$27 HB £9/$16 PB
You either love Behari's books or you don't understand them at all. He has a theosophical approach and these are quite brilliant, mystical insights into the lives of 17 famous people. 376 pages

BEHARI Bepin Esoteric Principles of Vedic Astrology £10/$18 PB
A broader study of astrology than the ‘Introduction’, taking in Astrological Counselling, the Nature of Man, Profession and Marriage and Principles of Prediction, as well as nature of planets and signs. Many practical examples. 280 pages

BEHARI Bepin Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology £9/$16 PB
Part 1 of the Vedic Astrologer’s Handbook. Behari focuses on the inner principles upon which astrology is based. Edited by Ken Johnson. Recently republished. 280 pages

BEHARI Bepin Introduction to Esoteric Astrology £9/$16 PB
Insights into the esoteric nature of the signs and the planets with a good introduction, and especially good description of ascendants. 280 pages

BEHAR1 Bepin Myths and Symbols of Vedic Astrology £9/$16 PB
A highly esteemed book on the symbology of the Planets, Constellations and Nakshatras. It was out of print for nearly 5 years until recently. Recommended for study as well as reference. 278 pages

BEHARI Bepin New Dimensions in Vedic Occultism £9/$16 PB
Submitted for a prestigious competition in Switzerland this book got joint 1st prize. It is an astrological approach to Theosophical philosophy – tries to synthesize everything basically. 304 pages

BEHARI Bepin Planets in the Signs and Houses £9/$16 PB
Part 2 of the Vedic Astrologer’s Handbook. Republished, having been out of print for some years. This is an excellent astrological ‘cookbook’, giving readings for every planetary position. 256 pages

BEHARI Bepin Revelations of Zodiacal Signs and Lunar Mansions £9/$16 PB
A sequel to Myths and Symbols of Vedic Astrology – deals with Constellations and Nakshatras taken in zodiacal order as symbolic of humanity’s progress towards self-realization. 254 pages

BEHARI Bepin Solve Your Problems Astrologically £9/$16 PB
Essays on various astrological matters – such as marriage, journalism, accidents, cancer, Shakata Yoga, planets, transits, retrogression, combustion, etc. 493 pages

BEHARI Bepin Timing of Events £9/$16 PB
A brilliant book on Vimshottari Dasha and how to read major and minor planetary periods. Recommended.
Good sections on transits and Varshaphal or annual Solar progressions. 187 pages

B.P.E.S.V.S. Advanced Techniques of Astrological Predictions £10/$18 PB
A groundbreaking collection of articles first published in 1991 by various well-known astrologers, many of who have published books in this list. 243 pages

B. P. E. S. V. S Muhurta Prakarana (Vasishtha K) £6/$10 PB
A simple presentation of the basic matters of importance in Muhurta, such as marriage and house building, written by a teacher from Delhi. 143 pages

B. P. E. S. V. S Timing of Marriage £8/$14 PB
Papers on prediction of marriage by M N Kedar, Justice Kapoor, Dr L Gupta, J N Sharma and K Rangachari including use of Vimshottari and Chara Dasha. 171 pages

B. P. E. S. V. S General Astrology (Rao KN, Kapoor SN & Gour A) £6/$10 PB
An attempt to define astrology and set out the basic principles upon which the science of astrology rests, written by 3 top astrologers. An important little book. 138 pages

BHASIN JN Dictionary of Astrology £8/$16 HB
First attempt at a really comprehensive dictionary of astrology. Not well done; so concise as to be impenetrable in places, but contains so much information that it is really worth having. Good chapter on Yogas. 247 pages

BHASIN JN Sapta Rishi Nadi £5/$9 PB
Rules from the Nadi of the Seven Rishis (sages) examined in relation to main meanings of 12 houses and ascendants from Aries to Leo. 208 pages

BHASIN JN Sarvartha Chintamani £12/$21 PB
Translation into English of highly regarded systematic work of Vyankatesh Sharma. Rather sparse notes due to translator's unfortunate demise part way through work. Completed by 3 others. 371 pages

BHAT MR Essentials of Horary Astrology £13.50/$23HB £10/$18 PB
In depth examination of Horary Astrology with reference to different methods of Prashna (examination of questions) regarding marriage, children, diseases, lifespan, travel, lost articles, unknown birth-times and much more - a valuable text for serious students and professionals. 447 pages.

BHAT MR Fundamentals of Astrology £12.00/$21 HB £9/$16 PB
Excellent comprehensive examination of Vedic Astrology with clear expression of fundamental principles by a skilled teacher. Recommended. 326 pages

BHAT MR Brhat Samhita (2 vols) £29.50/$52 HB
Ancient work of Varahamihira, 6th century astrologer of great renown. Mundane Astrology examining all kinds of things from earthquakes to pimples. A complete gazetteer of life in ancient India, with principles in use today. A much quoted and essential reference work. 1100 pages

BRAHA J Art and Practice of Hindu Astrology £15/27 HB
A beautifully produced book taking the form of nine lessons or discussions between a teacher and his student. It covers Muhurta, horoscope analysis, retrograde planets, Sade Sati, houses, divisional charts and various remedies, as well as a chapter on the basics of astrology. 430 pages

CHADHA RK A Practical Guide to Hindu Astrology £15/$27 PB
A useful book for beginners with an index and glossary. Large chapters on signs, houses and planets; their cumulative effects and how to construct a chart. Quite an original presentation – worth reading even if you are not a beginner. 407 pages

CHARAK KS Elements of Vedic Astrology £20/$36 PB
Excellent 2-volume clear delineation of the science of Vedic Astrology. Not very easy for a beginner, but covers many subjects, so a valuable resource. 440 pages

CHARAK KS Essentials of Medical Astrology £12/$21 PB
Not as highly regarded as his other book ‘Subtleties of Medical Astrology’, but nevertheless essential reading for the study of this important subject. The author is the head of surgery at a teaching hospital in India 204 pages

CHARAK KS Predictive Techniques in Varshaphala £10/$18 PB
Practical application of Varshaphala – the progressed or annual solar chart. Integration of annual and natal chart and emphasis on practical use of Varshaphala 175 pages

CHARAK KS Subtleties in Medical Astrology £10/$18 PB
The book refines the basic ‘Essentials of Medical Astrology’ and presents many examples in medical astrology showing use of divisional charts, multiple dashas, 22nd Drekkana, 64th Navamsha, Mrityubhaga, etc. 164 pages

CHARAK KS Surya the Sun God £10/£18 PB
The Sun is literally the father of the creation and in astrology he is the soul of all beings. Just as he is the life giver or light so astrology is the study of light. This book represents an important study for astrologers. It also includes matters such as yoga and the element of fire in relation to the body. 164 pages

CHARAK KS Textbook on Varshaphala £10/$18 PB
A good introduction to Varshaphala, the progressed or annual solar chart. The Tajika system, along with its Yogas and Dasha system is explained so that each year of a person’s life can be assessed. 212 pages

CHARAK KS Yogas in Astrology £12/$21 PB
An easy to read book on Yogas or planetary combinations. They are grouped into type and examples given with astrological charts. In addition the section on all possible planetary conjunctions – i.e. in the same sign – gives useful clues for examining those effects. 215 pages

CHATURVEDI BK Navagrahas (Nine Planets) £2.50/$4.50 PB
A very useful small book on the planets including mythology and prayers to the planets. 119 pages

CHAWDHRI LR Complete Astro-Palmistry £12.50/$22 PB
Palmistry went hand in hand with astrology in ancient India. This book presents rules for how to make a horoscope from the palm and other features of the body. Not an easy study but a vast amount of information here. 475 pages

CHAWDHRI LR Conjunction of Planets £6/$10 PB
‘Conjunction of Planets’ is just one section of 56 pages. Combustion, retrogression, aspects, transits, house significations, propitiation of planets each have a chapter here. 182 pages

CHAWDHRI LR The Fascinating Jupiter £8/$14 PB
Quite an exhaustive study of Jupiter, including such useful things as the difference between Jupiter’s aspect and his association or conjunction, when Jupiter gives bad results, etc. Small format book 422 pages

CHAWDHRI LR Mars and Astrology £8/$14 PB
Easier on the eyes than the small print in the book on Jupiter and larger format. The author emphasises the positive qualities of Mars. 271 pages

CHAWDHRI LR Practical Remedial Measures £7/$12 PB
This book covers afflictions to planets and houses and propitiation of planets as well as remedies using gems, mantra, yantra and tantra and a section on how to use Lal Kitab. 198 pages

CHAWDHRI LR Practicals of Mantras and Tantras £14/$25 HB
This is known as a subject that should not be undertaken without a qualified and skilled teacher. However there is plenty of information here for those interested. Beware of some bad transliterations. The book is in two sections, one on each subject. 260 pages

CHAWDHRI LR Practicals of Yantras £14/$25 HB
A large amount of information on the subject of yantras or diagrams invested with occult power. Examples of Yantras from different cults or traditions given. Again poor transliterations and even some of the Sanskrit shlokas (verses) are unreliable. 336 pages

CHAWDHRI LR Transit of Planets £15/$27 HB £10/$18 PB
A large work and worth studying. Editing is better than in some of his books. However not everyone will agree with the use of Western Aspects and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Vedic Astrology. 420 pages

CHAWDHRI LR Women in Astrology £12/$21 PB
Vast amount of information on female astrology. Recent edition is much better quality than earlier ones. Quaintly addresses his female readers as ‘Dear damsels’. Rather sexist approach. 550 pages

CHILLAR RS Lal Kitab £12/$21 PB
Lal Kitab means red book. An almost entirely different system of astrology from normal ‘Vedic’. Uses palmistry and Vastushastra. Many principles will be of great interest to students of Vedic Astrology. Also the book contains a very useful 220 pages of readings for planets in houses and combinations of planets in houses. 387 pages

CHUGH S Conditional Dashas of Sage Parashara £5/$9 PB
Nakshatra Dashas are introduced, followed by brief chapters on Parashara’s nine conditional dashas: Dwisaptati Sama, Shat-Trimsha Sama, Dwadashottari, Chaturshiti Sama, Shatabdika, Shadshottari, Panchottari, Ashtottari and Shashtihayani Dasha. A good introduction to conditional Dashas. 100 pages

CHUGH S Determining Profession & Ups and Downs in Career £7/$12 PB
The book gives a large number of practical examples of fortunes in career with many example charts plus indicators of nature of career from planets, signs, houses, nakshatras plus other determining factors. 191 pages

CHUGH S Horary Astrology and Swarauday Shastra £5/$9 PB
The astrology of answering questions is tackled by means of numerology from Kalidasa and by use of Tajika aspects and yogas, as well as science of breath or Swara and predominant Tattva. Many chart examples of different types of question. 110 pages

CHUGH S Timing of Events £6/$10 PB
An overview of the methods used for timing. Mahadasha results, Transits, Varshaphal, Yogini Dasha and Ashtakavarga, plus case studies. There is a useful chapter on planets for the various ascendants. 130 pages

CHUGH S Yogini and Kalachakra Dasha £5/$9 PB
These two are considered to be the main universally applicable Dasha systems after Vimshottari. Each is explained in detail with examples and then use of the two together is shown. As with his other books there are not so many pages, but pages are very efficiently used. 118 pages

DAVIS M What is your Rashi £8/$14 PB
A unique, well-written book on Vedic Lunar Astrology with chapters on Moon in each of the signs and Nakshatras and one chapter on famous charts. 222 pages

DE FOUW H & SVOBODA R Light on Life £12/$21 PB
One of the most highly respected introductory books on Vedic Astrology. Hart de Fouw runs his own astrology school in California and Robert Svoboda is widely known for his skill in Ayurveda. 438 pages

DE FOUW H & SVOBODA R Light on Relationships £10/$18 PB
An original synthesis of compatibility techniques. Packed with essential information, it blends familiar principles with lesser-known techniques from classical texts or oral traditions. A bit wordy. 295 pages

DREYER R G Vedic Astrology £14.99 PB
A good general introduction to Vedic Astrology by a well-known teacher from the USA.

DUGGAL S K Revelations of Medical Astrology £9/$16 PB
The book goes through medical significations for planets, signs and houses and then diseases relating to each house, longevity, timing of disease and remedial measures for planetary defects. 220 pages

DUGGAL SK & TANEJA N Interpretation of Planetary Transit £8/$14 PB
Contains a general introduction to planets, houses and signs plus transit results for each house, as well as nakshatra transits for each planet, Dasha and Antardasha, Ashtakavarga and a chapter on Sarvatobhadrachakra. 232 pages

DUGGAL SK & TANEJA N Planetary Strengths £9/$16 PB
An in-depth examination of the calculation and application of planetary strengths as well as Vimshopak, planetary rays and a chapter of example charts. 314 pages

FRAWLEY D Astrology of the Seers £15.99 PB
A well-known work by the former president of the American Council of Vedic Astrology. Broad introduction to the whole subject of Vedic studies as well as a good introduction to Astrology including chapters on Ayurveda, psychology, remedies and worship/meditation. 283 pages

FRAWLEY D Ayurveda and the Mind £12/$21 HB £9/$16 PB
A brilliant examination of the nature of the mind and the way to health through the principles of Ayurveda including nutrition, herbal and various other therapies, mantra, eightfold path of yoga, etc. 346 pages

FRAWLEY D Ayurvedic Healing £14/$25 HB £10/$18 PB
A practical how-to-do-it approach to Ayurveda rather than a theoretical one. Practical advice on diet, treatment of factors which lead to illness, of many diseases and advice on preventative medicine. 444 pages

FRAWLEY D From the River of Heaven £10/$18 HB £8/$14 PB
Subtitled Hindu and Vedic Knowledge for the Modern Age, the book covers Vedic Science, Sanatana Dharma, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Sanskrit, Yoga, Mantra. An overview of the spiritual tradition of India. 180 pages

FRAWLEY D Gods, Sages and Kings £12/$21 HB £9/$16 PB
Calling into question the entire established view of human history, this is the story of how the world’s cultures shifted from nurturing the inner person to developing and overpowering the external, material world through militarism and commercialism. A landmark book for a modern understanding of Indian history. 396 pages

FRAWLEY D, KAK S & FEUERSTEIN G In Search of the Cradle of Civilisation £15.99 PB
David Frawley is assisted by a Sanskrit scholar and a renowned religious historian to show further evidence that the Aryan Invasion theory of the Victorians and even relatively modern ideas about the origin of the earliest civilizations are entirely mistaken and that the Indus Valley civilization may well be the real cradle of civilization. 341 pages

FRAWLEY D Oracle of Rama £10/$18 HB £7/$12 PB
An adaptation of the Rama Ajna Prashna – or Wisdom of Rama used to answer questions. Accesses the deeper intelligence of the Universe to answer pressing questions of the moment. A kind of Indian I Ching. 195 pages

FRAWLEY D Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses £12/$21 HB £9/$16 PB
A detailed analysis of the tantric doctrine of the ten Mahavidyas. A valuable book that authentically represents the Tantric tradition as a science of self-transformation. 256 pages

FRAWLEY D The Yoga of Herbs £12/$21 HB
The book sets out the basic Tridosha (3 humours) system of healing embodied in Ayurveda (science of long life). Valuable information on the pharmacology of herbs and their medical use. 250 pages

FRAWLEY D Wisdom of the Ancient Seers £12/$21 HB £9/$16 PB
Subtitled ‘Mantras of the Rig Veda’, the book gives us a glimpse into the mentality of a very ancient culture that revolved around the highest spiritual values. Dr. Frawley translates and explains verses relating to the principle deities of the world’s oldest scripture. 275 pages

FRAWLEY D Yoga and Ayurveda £12/$21 HB $9/$16 PB
Subtitled ‘Self-Healing and Self-Realization, this book highlights the close connection between Yoga and Ayurveda.
It includes chapters on Prana, Kundalini and the Chakras, Nadis and techniques for inner transformation. 333 pages

GANESH S Ganesha Hora Shastram (2 vols) £27.50/$50 HB
A mammoth work on Bhava analysis or study of astrological houses. Sounds like a classic but it is just the work of a well-known teacher in Delhi. Some idiosyncrasies but well worth studying. 702 pages

GOEL VP Predict Effectively through Yogini Dasha £5/$9 PB
The foreward from KN Rao says that the author, one of his students, solved a puzzle regarding the working of Yogini Dasha. The principles in Parashara’s Hora Shastra are unclear how the Dasha works in all respects. This is a book for the more advanced student or researcher. 114 pages

GOLA S S Significant Events through Transit Navamsha £6/$910 PB
A most significant technique applied to the mundane field in Indian politics. Worth reading to learn this technique, which the author shows can predict earthquakes, storms, rail or air crashes with great accuracy. Most of the book’s examples are for devotees of Indian politics. 116 pages

GOSWAMI B M & VASHISTH L K Lal Kitab £20/$36 HB
Based mainly on a 1952 edition this is a modern rendering of that work. A complete system of astrology apparently unrelated to the main traditions of Vedic Astrology. It includes palmistry and phrenology for rectification of charts, all planetary combinations, remedies for many conditions and masses more. Amazing reading. 776 pages

GOUR A K Professions £10/$18 PB
A substantial survey of professions with 136 case studies. Information on the roles of the planets in career formation, Pada Lagna and Jaimini Karakas, Sarvashtavarga, Navamsha and Dashamsha uses. 226 pages

GUNTURI V R Rajayoga and Astrology £6/$10 PB
This book is full of useful tables as well as basic principles of Rajayoga and 200 charts to illustrate all of those principles in numerous ways. 150 pages

HARNESS D The Nakshatras £13.99 PB
Introduction by Dr. David Frawley. There is a brief outline of each Nakshatra, advice on choosing an auspicious Nakshatra and a section on relationships with a Nakshatra compatibility table. A basic reference guide to the lunar mansions. 176 pages

HOPKE T (NALINI) The Divine Path of Prediction £12.50/$22 PB
A most illuminating book on the work of a top professional astrologer, focussing on the ascendant. It is entertainingly written with many insights into the practice of Vedic astrology. Recommended. 156 pages

INGLIS G Hindu Dasha System £5/$9 PB
Explanation of Vimshottari Dasha System with attempt to explain why the system works. A few paragraphs on each Dasa and Bhukti period with indications for Antardasha periods as well – much of this was originally published in the Astrological Magazine. Finally a chapter on Ayanamsha. 205 pages

INGLIS G Retrograde Planets £5/$9 PB
The author is one of the early converts to Vedic Astrology – books published in the 1970s. This is a mix of Vedic and Western views of retrogression – obviously the fruit of a lot of research. 143 pages

IYER H R S New Techniques of Prediction – part 1 £5/$9 PB
IYER H R S New Techniques of Prediction – part 2 £5/$9 PB
First published in 1963 and lately re-issued with the assistance of well-known astrologer Dr. T.S. Vasan, this is a brief compendium of Sheshadri Iyer’s astrological methods. Essential reading for astrologers. Part 1 has 160 pages, part 2 has 184 pages.

IYER NPS Kalaprakashika £15/$27 HB
Standard classical textbook on Muhurta astrology as used by Hindu priests. In English first and Sanskrit original at the back of the book. Essential reference book. 250 pages + 197 pages = 447 pages

JAIN M C Astrology in Marriage Counselling £3/$5.50 PB
This book, first published many years ago, has been revised and edited by OP Verma, a well known astrology writer. Jain uses Western aspects and outer planets mixed up with traditional Vedic Astrology. 216 pages

JAIN M C Birthday Numerology £3/$5.50 PB
The author says he found this information in Japanese Astrology. Find your Life Number, character according to day of the month, and fortune based on the day, month or year plus how to assess your emotional cycles. 82 pages

JAIN M C Karmic Control Planets £5/$9 PB
The title refers to the planets ruling the signs of Rahu and Ketu. The idea is that past life or Karmic influences come into the chart through Ketu and are played out through Rahu. The dispositors of Rahu and Ketu become very significant.

JAIN M C Mundane Astrology £5/$9 PB
Chapters on planets, signs, houses, aspects (western); plus a chapter on each of the 12 houses and planets therein.
Also 4 chapters on eclipses and a chapter each on earthquakes and comets. 176 pages

JAIN M C Occult Power of Gems £5/$9 PB
A very useful description of each type of gem and their names and uses is followed by a chapter on how to prescribe gems, another on treatment of diseases and a final one on gems and numerology. 91 pages

JAIN M C Rahu & Ketu in Predictive Astrology £5/$9 PB
A useful survey of Rahu and Ketu in other writing and in signs, houses, aspects, conjunctions, Vimshottari Dasha, transit, Kala Sarpa Yoga, eclipses and relationships. 169 pages

JAIN M C Stars and Your Future £5/$9 PB
The author says he collected bits of information on ‘Fixed Stars’ from here and there for over twenty years and presents a reading for every degree of the Zodiac. Also includes Sabian symbols. 166 pages

JAIN V B Textbook for Shadbala and Bhavabala £5/$9 PB
A clear and concise explanation of the subject matter of planetary and house strengths. Includes Ishta & Kashta Phala. Will appeal to Maths and Astronomy graduates. 78 pages

JHANJI R & SHARMA N K Applications of Yogini Dasha £10/$18 PB
An easy to understand explanation of this 36-year cycle by two astrology teachers from Delhi. Second revised edition. 169 pages

JOSHI K K Astrological Applications of Kota Chakra £6/$10 PB
Taking the birth Nakshatra as the starting point a diagrammatical placement of 28 Nakshatras is made, which shows sensitive points so that effects of transit of planets on health and happiness can be studied. 159 pages

JOSHI K K Muhurta Traditional and Modern £6/$10 PB
A modern and readable treatment of Muhurta in considerable detail. As well as the expected chapters, there is advice on how to choose a Muhurta for several unusual matters. A number of case studies are given. 178 pages

KANNAN S Fundamentals of Hindu Astrology £5/$9 PB
Due to the author’s clear and concise style there is lots packed into a small space. Readable and useful introduction to astrology and to chart interpretation. 160 pages

KAPOOR D Astronomy and Mathematical Astrology £9/$15 PB
An excellent work containing in a concise style chapters on astronomy, time, calculating the horoscope, Vimshottari Dasha, Bhavas, divisional charts, Upagrahas, Panchang, and planetary and house strengths. 216 pages

KAPOOR D Prashna Shastra – 2 vols. £20/$36 PB
Subtitled ‘A Scientific Application of Horary Astrology’ there is a short introduction to Vedic Astrology and to the Tajika rules for Horary Astrology, then a chapter on the Shatpanchasika – a famous work on the subject and many chapters on the various types of questions – e.g. about lost articles, marriage, children, timing events, etc. 480 pages

KAPOOR G S Bhrigu Sutram £5/$9 PB
This is a compilation of sutras, or mnemonic statements, on planets in houses. The original Sanskrit is included, which is useful as errors or dubious translations can be spotted. A very valuable reference work. 172 pages

KAPOOR G S Gems and Astrology £4/$7 PB
A small and reliable book on gems, their properties and use in astrological remedies and treatment of diseases and afflictions. 152 pages

KAPOOR G S Learn Astrology the Easy Way £7.50/$13 HB £5/$9 PB
This book squeezes the whole of the astrology to be learnt into just over 60 pages, (plus 30 pages on how to manually construct a chart), necessarily ignoring a number of matters and presenting others too briefly for easy comprehension. It then uses 150 pages for advice on interpretation. First part is inadequate; second part is a good pocket-sized reference manual. 247 pages

KAPOOR G S Phala Deepika £12/$21 HB £9/$15 PB
A great classic of Vedic Astrology by Mantreshwar. Should be studied by all astrologers. Sanskrit and Original. 328 pages

KAPOOR G S Remedial Measures in Astrology £5/$9 PB
Mantras and prayers in Sanskrit for the planets (without transliteration or translation), explanation of fasting, propitiation, gems and gem and colour therapy, Lal Kitab remedies, afflictions of planets and examples of remedial measures. 176 pages

KAPOOR G S Sanketa Nidhi £6/$10 PB
Translation into English of a small Sanskrit treatise on astrology by Shri Rama Dayalu. Nine chapters on various astrological matters – a lot on Tajika Prashna and answers to queries. 196 pages

KATTAKAR M Encyclopaedia of Palm and Palm Reading £16/$29 PB
An enormous amount of information is given here. The author has studied palmistry for nearly 50 years. This is the 12th reprint of his well-known book. Many diagrams and clear hand prints as well as very readable English. For the serious student. 758 pages

KEDAR M N Annual Horoscopy £8/$14 PB
Annual Horoscopy refers to the system of Varshaphal or solar progression. Tajika Aspects are used for this, as well as annual versions of well-known dasha systems. The book contains many chapters on results of planets in houses, interpretation, yogas and other matters. Not well suited to beginners as it assumes a level of understanding. 236 pages.

KEDAR M N Nine Planets Twelve Bhavas £9/$16 PB
A useful reference book giving both traditional and modern readings for each planet in each house. 55 example charts are given and there is an index. 216 pages.

KEDAR M N Predictive Astrology £10/$18 PB
Packed with information about Vedic Astrology, but not very suitable as a beginners book on the subject, which it was designed as; better for more advanced students. 396 pages.

KHOT S G Astrology and Diagnosis £15/$27 HB
A very extensive, but not completely accurate, description of diseases and their astrological indicators. 364 pages

KIRK A J That Strange Midheaven £21/$38 PB
An original treatise on astronomy for the astrologer, which attempts to disprove the standard mathematical basis for the Western Astrological Chart and therefore its philosophical basis. Contains a very good examination of houses, planets and signs. 150 pages

KUMAR K Secret of Vargas £15/$27 HB
Detailed examination of all 20 main divisional charts with readings for planetary positions and numerous chart examples. 542 pages

KUMAR K Shadbala Rahasya £8/$14 PB
Shadbala is a computation of the strength of planets in a chart. The book describes how this is done and also how each of the components of Shadbala can be used in predictive astrology. 284 pages

KURSIJA Dr S C Predictions through Horary £9/$16 PB
An attempt to combine predictive principles with Tajika horary methods and transits to find ways to answer questions which are likely to be presented to the modern astrologer. 291 pages

LAUGHRIN M Planets £20/$36 PB
Insightful original readings for planets in every house and sign. Includes readings for Vedic positions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. 302 pages

LALVANI Dr N Gem Therapy in Vedic Astrology £16/$29 HB
Detailed study of the use of gems as remedies in Vedic Astrology. Includes matters such as Kundalini, Chakras and Colour Therapy. 279 pages

LEVACY W Beneath a Vedic Sky £16/$29 PB
Excellent introduction to Vedic Astrology by the head of the American College of Vedic Astrology. Includes free trial CD of Goravani software.

LEWIS N & SCHELLENBECK G Praxisbuch der Vedischen Astrologie £16/$29 HB
Well set out introduction to Vedic Astrology by the organisers of the German Vedic Astrology Association
231 pages.

LUTHRA J C Practical Mundane Astrology (1) £5/$9 PB
Basic Principles of Mundane Astrology. The author seems to attribute many things, which have a clear indication in Vedic Astrology, to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which he espoused. So few books are available on Mundane Astrology that it is very useful to have this book despite its confusing approach. 165 pages

LUTHRA J C Practical Mundane Astrology (2) £10/$18 PB
Readings for planetary positions plus many useful techniques, which the author spent many years compiling. Same caution about mixing Western and Eastern concepts applies. 364 pages

MATHUR D Predictive Astrology £15/$27 HB £10/$18 PB
Highly recommended study of methods of prediction. 5 sections on Signs, Planets, Houses, Nodes, and an original look at Vimshottari Dasha. 435 pages

MEHTA M S Annual Horoscope (Varshaphala or Tajik) £9/$16 PB
Varshaphala is the Vedic annual solar return chart and Tajik are the aspects used to judge it. The book goes through the various calculations, aspects and yogas, as well as the use of 41 Sahams or calculated precise degrees in the chart. 235 pages

MEHTA M S New Rules & Combinations in Hindu Astrology £9/$16 PB
This is an original collection of rules, which the author has found to be working during his career as an astrologer. With these are given some of the fundamental rules of Hindu Astrology in order to help the reader to understand what is being said. The book is divided into two sections as indicated by the title. 187 pages

MEHTA M S Planets and Travel Abroad £7.00/$12 PB
Another book by a retired civil servant, the profession that has contributed most to writing books on astrology in India. This is clear and easy to read, giving lots of simple principles. Introduction by KN Rao. 154 pages

MURTHY S R N Glimpses of Hindu Astrology £12/$21 HB
A collection of articles written for “The Astrological Magazine” dealing with matters relating to Time Cycles, the Hindu Calendar, Indian Chronology, Movements of Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Venus and how they affect human affairs, the topic of Ayanamsa, economy and planets, Vastu principles, ground water, gems and sound.

MUTHUSWAMY Prof N E Gulika in Astrology £5/$9 PB
The school of astrology that this tradition comes from does not make a distinction between Gulika and Maandi – both the sons of Saturn. There is an explanation of Upagrahas or shadow planets and the place of Gulika. And over 20 chapters on different matters to be considered in judging the effects. 111 pages

MUTHUSWAMI Prof N E Krishneeyam of Sree Krishna Acharya £7/$12 PB
One of the principal works on Horary Astrology from Kerala. It deals with some of the same subject areas as the more famous Prasna Marga. 192 pages

NARASIMHA RAO PVR Vedic Astrology – an Integrated Approach £12/$21 PB
The author has found time to write an excellent computer astrology programme, moderate an Internet discussion group with nearly 2000 members and be a leading young scientist as well as teaching astrology and writing a good textbook. This comprehensive book includes Jaimini techniques with sections on Chart, Dasha and Transit analysis. 437 pages

NIRNAJAN BABU B Handbook of Vastu £9/$16 PB
Houses, factories, hotels etc., are constructed according to Vastu so that destructive vibrations emanating from Nature are avoided. This book takes the reader gradually through the essentials of Vastu and its practical applications.

OHJA G K & A Aspects in Vedic Astrology £8/$14 PB
The book by well-known authors first deals with conjunctions of 2 – 7 planets before dealing with aspects by describing aspects of each planet to a sign containing any other planet. Then there are chapters on the Moon sign, Important Combinations of planets in houses, and guidelines for judgment. Rasi or Sign aspects are however completely omitted from the book. 180 pages

OHJA G K & A Astrological Secrets of Friendship, Love & Marriage £15/$27 HB
This is a revised edition of a book first published in 1959. It is divided into two sections of approximately equal length, one that examines relationships and marriage from the point of view of Western Astrology and the other from the point of view of Hindu Astrology. The author seems to carry one system’s idea over into the other though.
331 pages

OHJA G K & A Astrology and You £7.50/$13 PB
This is an adequate and inexpensive introductory book covering planets, signs, houses, interpretation, Dashas, timing and transits. 163 pages

OHJA G K & A Body Reading £7.50/$13 PB
The information in this book on physiognomy comes from the Samudrika Shastra and from the Puranas. It has two sections, one on males and one on females. The book is rather limited in just describing what type of person has what feature, but it is useful as a starter in this area of study. 130 pages

OHJA G K Predictive Astrology of the Hindus £12/$21 PB
In contrast to some other books published recently to which this author has given his name, which are a bit limited in their scope, this is a really good thorough introduction to Indian Astrology with a glossary and two indexes. 347 pages  (currently unavailable)

PATEL C S Arudha System of Prediction £6/$10 PB
This is just a repetition of rules on Arudha from various classics with translation of the Sanskrit and occasional notes. 133 pages

PATEL C S Nadi Astrology £9/$16 PB
This book lists the Nadi Amshas, or 150th divisions of a sign and gives some very useful information on how they are to be used. A lot more study would be needed to use them properly, but it is an informative introduction. 200 pages

PATEL C S Navamsha in Astrology £9/$16 PB
There is very little written in any depth on the study of the Navamsa in astrology, so this book, which gives many important techniques, is very useful. However, again here is chapter after chapter of rules taken from other works, not by this author, and just repeated. So many books like this have been published that it has held back the modern development of the science and has given Indian astrologers a poor reputation as writers. 204 pages

PATEL C S & AIYER C A S Ashtakavarga £9/$16 PB
Page after page of Sanskrit verses repeated from various classics with translations and occasional notes. No glossary of hundreds of Sanskrit terms and no index. Maybe useful for some advanced students. 310 pages

PATEL C S & AIYER C A S Predicting through Navamsha & Nadi £9/$16 PB
Various subjects are presented here: Navamsha in prediction including 64th, Pushkara, many Nadi techniques, use of Bhinnashtakavarga charts and conjunctions of planets in transit. This book appears to better than the author’s other books – there is much more explanation. 256 pages

PATHAK M Predicting through Dvisaptati Sama Dasha £6/$10 PB
This is one of the nakshatra-based dashas, which is used when lagna lord is in the 7th house or vice versa. Introduction by KN Rao. A useful book to have if you want to use this dasha. Includes 58 pages of handy tables.
181 pages

PULLIPANI U S Biorhythms of Natal Moon £13/$23 HB
The system described is based on natural laws of five elements (Pancha Mahabhutas) combined with the birth Nakshatra of each individual. This can be applied to all matters of life in the fields of Horary, Electional, Medical Astrology and especially in Natal Astrology. 240 pages

PULLIPANI U S Gochar Phaladeepika £14/$25 PB
The title means ‘Light on the results of transits’. This is a detailed book giving an introduction to astrology, but from the point of view of transit results, then the basic rules for examining transits, detailed results as given in major classics Brhat Samhita, Yavana Jataka and Jyotisharnava Navanitam and various other chapters on relevant matters. Recommended. 425 pages

PULLIPANI U S Mystery of I Ching £12/£21 PB
The I Ching is a famous system of oracular divination practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years. There is a good introduction, a chapter on each of the 64 hexagrams and appendices. 395 pages

RAGHURAMAN V Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career £6/$10 PB
The book is an original work and not really the teaching of any of the famous Nadi authors. The main method is to examine career prospects from the combinations of planets and nature of signs in a chart. Very informative use of simple principles. 137 pages

RAMACHANDRA RAO Prof S K Sri Chakra £5/$9 PB
This is a brief but excellent introduction to the tantric system that uses the Sri Chakra of seven interlocking triangles. The author has an excellent reputation and has authored many books for the Bangalore Kalpataru Research Academy. 96 pages

RAMACHANDRA RAO Prof S K Yantras £5/$9 PB
A brief but profound explanation of the principles upon which Yantras are based, with a description of their types and some examples. 60 pages

RAMAN Dr B V Ashtakavarga System of Prediction £4/$7 PB
Dr. Raman’s books are very brief and generally packed with useful information, but not necessarily very easy to study, as he tends to concentrate on the technicalities rather than explanations. To his credit he does not just repeat other people’s work, or if he does he states it first. All the main details about Ashtakavarga are here. Very good value for money. 176 pages

RAMAN Dr BV Astrology for Beginners £3.50/$8 PB
A very basic introduction to astrology. In view of the progress being made in the study of astrology generally it is possibly a bit too basic for most people now, however it is well written.

RAMAN Dr B V Astrology in Predicting Weather & Earthquakes £3.50/$8 PB
The book is divided into 2 sections, each a collection of traditional information about weather and earthquakes.
Most of it is from articles in the Astrology Magazine, which was edited by the author. 87 pages

RAMAN Dr B V Bhavartha Ratnakara £5/$9 PB
Numerous writers quote from this little classic of astrology. It is reputed to have been written by the famous sage Ramanujacarya, but Raman says that he thinks it was another of the same name, not the famous one. He has translated this work on astrological houses and added an introduction, example charts and notes. 206 pages

RAMAN Dr B V Catechism of Astrology £4/$7 PB
This is called a catechism because it uses the same method as the more famous book of religious instruction through question and answer. It is divided into four chapters on General Questions, Houses, Marriage and Vocation. A knowledge of Sanskrit terms, or a good astrological dictionary is necessary to study this. 108 pages

RAMAN Dr B V Graha & Bhava Balas £4/$7 PB
The traditional methods of calculating the strengths of planets and houses. These measures are used individually as well as collectively. Also an introductory chapter on planetary effects on houses and an additional chapter on Ishta and Kashta Phalas. Glossary of Sanskrit terms included. 125 pages

RAMAN Dr B V Hindu Astrology & the West £6/$10 PB
A fascinating record of Dr. Raman’s travels to Europe and the USA, as well as some of his lectures there. 304 pages

RAMAN Dr B V Hindu Predictive Astrology £6/$10 PB
Possibly his most famous book, this is in a way an essential collection of the main topics in the other books he wrote, as it contains chapters on such matters as Dashas, Longevity, Interpretation, Yogas, How to erect a chart, Ashtakavarga, Prashna, Mundane matters, Muhurta, Varshaphal, etc., etc. 292 pages

RAMAN Dr B V How to Judge a Horoscope (2 vols) £16/$29 HB £10/$18 PB
This is not an easy book to study, but it is often recommended by experienced astrologers. It may be better for those familiar with the terminology, so not for beginners. Two volumes on chart interpretation.

RAMAN Dr B V Kalachakra Dasha System £4/$7 PB

RAMAN Dr B V Manual of Hindu Astrology £5/$9 PB
Originally published in 1935, this little book is now in the 12th reprint of its 16th edition! Computers were not around when this was written, so there is a lot of technical information requisite for manual calculations. It is a useful book to learn from, but not very easy for a beginner. There is a glossary of technical terms. 189 pages

RAMAN Dr B V Muhurta £5/$9 PB
Dr. Raman must have sold many, many thousands of books. This is the 7th reprint of the 8th edition. This little book is generally recommended as a good explanation of Muhurta. It is packed full of information and has a good index as well as a Nakshatra compatibility table for marriage prospects. 181 pages

RAMAN Dr B V My Experiences in Astrology £6/$10 PB
First published in 1985 this is a fascinating autobiographical account of Dr Raman’s life from his earliest memories learning from his famous grandfather to the end of the 2nd World War and the creation of Pakistan. 327 pages

RAMAN Dr B V Notable Horoscopes £6/$10 PB
Seventy-six horoscopes are given with explanations of their owners’ lives. Dr. Raman used his own Ayanamsha, quite a bit different from Lahiri and presumably established well before the Calendar Reform Committee. A few of the horoscopes, especially of people dead hundreds or thousands of years ago, are rather inventive, but mostly the descriptions are excellent and a good way to learn. 439 pages

RAMAN Dr B V Planetary Influences on Human Affairs £5/$9 PB
Here Dr. Raman presents the case for astrology as a challenge to non-believers. He deals with Karma, fatalism, earthquakes and weather occurrences, medical astrology and many other interesting topics. 228 pages

RAMAN Dr B V Prasna Marga (2 vols) £24/$44 PB £16/$29 PB
This is the system of astrology mainly used in Kerala. As well as an exhaustive treatment of Prashna or horary astrology, the book deals with predictive, electional and remedial astrology as well as Nimittas, the science of indications, or omens. 1310 pages

RAMAN Dr B V Prasna Tantra £4.50/$8 PB
This work on horary astrology considers questions relating to each of the 12 houses and numerous special cases such as questions relating to missing persons, recovery of lost property, etc. Tajika yogas are used and 12 examples given, plus a useful index of technical terms. 224 pages

RAMAN Dr B V Studies in Jaimini Astrology £4/$7 PB
This is a handy reference book, but as many larger works have subsequently appeared on Jaimini Astrology this little book has been somewhat superseded. 148 pages

RAMAN Dr B V 300 Important Combinations £8/$14 HB £5/$9 PB
A standard reference work on 300 yogas or astrological combinations, which recur in charts. A useful reference book for every astrologer. Lots of example charts. 340 pages

RAMAN Dr B V Varshaphal – Hindu Progressed Horoscope £4/$7 PB
Varshaphal means fruit of the year. This is the Indian equivalent of solar progression. The book contains the entire system including two methods of calculation, divisional charts, planetary strengths, year lord, dashas and bhuktis, muntha, use of Tajika yogas, sahams and how to judge the results. 160 pages

RAO Dr J Principles & Practice of Medical Astrology £5/$9 PB
The author was an experienced physician and astrologer. The subject of medical astrology is not easy, as the author himself states after 15 years in practice. His book is a valuable contribution to this field. The book has no index or glossary, but very few technical terms are used. 208 pages

RAO K N (* + others or as editor) Astrology, Destiny & the Wheel of Time £8/$14 PB
The book starts with lavish praise for KN Rao and his mission to oversee a renaissance in Hindu Astrology. The theme of the book is the karmic patterns of past lives, which in a chart become planetary patterns or destiny and the dasha system representing the wheel of time. Then there is a section on how chart interpretation is done followed by numerous stories with chart examples. 256 pages

RAO K N Astrological Journey through History, Mystery & Horoscopes £10/$18 PB
A look at the horoscopes of famous people in history including famous astrologers. The book looks at the astrological predictions given for these people and studies the horoscope to teach the scientific method of developing predictive skill in astrology.

RAO K N Dips into Divinity, Astrology & History £9/$16 PB
A book of astro-biographies of Adi Sankara, Ramanujacharya, Vallabhacharya, Moorkanandji, Avadhut Ram, and others from modern times such as Vivekananda and Yogananda. 243 pages

RAO K N Enigmas in Astrology £5/$9 PB
Here are papers on particular subjects with subtle distinctions to be aware of. The subjects are Gajakesari Yoga, Jupiter-Venus and Venus Jupiter periods, Saturn-Rahu and Rahu-Saturn periods with examples of lives affected. 120 pages

RAO K N Famous Women* £10/$18 PB
This is a book of astro-biographies of famous and not so famous women by women astrologers, under the guidance of KN Rao. Some of it is in Hindi. 282 pages

RAO K N Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions 1 £7.50/$13 PB
A book of articles by KN Rao and others. Subjects covered include Saturn-Ketu and Mars-Saturn conjunctions, Ketu in 5th and 9th houses, Upagrahas and a major study of Mrityubhaga. 272 pages

RAO K N Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions 2 £7.50/$13 PB
A new collection of research papers discussing issues such as Rahu in the third house, Rahu in the eleventh house, Moon in the 8th house, Mars in the 8th house, dreams and omens. 231 pages

RAO K N Kaal Sarpa Yoga, - Why Such Fright? £5/$9 PB
In recent years Kala Sarpa Yoga, or all planets on one side of the Rahu-Ketu axis, has gained a fearful reputation and has been misused by some unscrupulous astrologers. Here 54 cases are examined of Kala Sarpa Yoga, showing a variety of good and bad effects. 112 pages

RAO K N Karakamsha & Jaimini’s Mandook Dasha £6/$10 PB
The book is divided into 3 sections. First Karakamsha, the Navamsha position of the Atmakaraka, is reviewed and then Jaimini’s Mandook Dasha, followed by three chart examinations. 114 pages

RAO K N Karma & Rebirth in Hindu Astrology £8/$14 PB
The author gives his personal view of the USA, which he visited, and its failings. Then he presents Karma including the use of Rahu and Ketu in prediction, a case study of a child and his view of predestination. Then a second book on Astrology and Rebirth, including a chapter on Rama and the Ramayana story and some stories about reincarnation. 211 pages

RAO K N Learn Hindu Astrology Easily £4/$7 PB
The author has given a novel method here, which he calls a memory tablet. This is the initials PACDARES, which
remind the student of the steps to go through in reading a horoscope. It is quite an effective way of learning. The book is rather short, so it is just an introduction. 166 pages

RAO K N Learn Successful Predictive Techniques of Hindu Astrology £7.50/$13 PB
Here are some research papers published by KN Rao. He takes a hostile view of the efforts of American students of Vedic or Hindu astrology and presents his personal point of view throughout the book. He discusses Saturn-Venus and Venus-Saturn periods, the astrologer K. C. Saxena, and the ISKCON movement and its gurus. 180 pages

RAO K N Nehru Dynasty £7.50/$13 PB
Fascinating and very detailed study of the tragic family, which ruled India through Jawaharlal Nehru, his daughter and her sons, and their political circle of those times. 276 pages

RAO K N Planets & Children £5/$9 PB
This book attempts to answer the questions that a parent or prospective parent wishes to know, such as when will children be born, will they be boys or girls, will they marry, be successful or will there be obstacles, mishaps, etc. The book concentrates on answering these through timing of birth through Dashas and transits and examination of medical and other problem areas, such as the astrological cause of childlessness. 183 pages

RAO K N Predicting through Jaimini’s Chara Dasha £7/$12 PB
Chara Dasha is a Rasi Dasha or planetary period calculated using signs as distinct from Nakshatra or Udu Dashas. The book sets out some basic principles of Jaimini astrology and introduces Chara Dasha and various matters pertaining to it such as the order of planetary periods and how to calculate them. Then it concentrates on predictive techniques and such things as childhood, marriage and the Dasha of the Atmakaraka. 155 pages

RAO K N Risks & Tricks in Astrological Predictions £5/$9 PB
A collection of various maters. There are chapters on simple predictions at a glance, family horoscopes, the risk in making predictions and the most complex subject of interrelated destinies. 119 pages

RAO K N Saadhe Sati £6/$10 PB
Saadhe Sati refers to he period of approximately 7½ years when Saturn transits over the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from the Moon. This can be a period of suffering and is generally feared in Indian Astrology. This is a group research by students of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Delhi on this one subject. 162 pages (last 27 pages in Hindi)

RAO K N Timing of Events through Vimshottari Dasha £7/$12 PB
This is a celebrated book on the main method of timing used in Vedic Astrology. The author uses his normal technique of a mnemonic or what he calls a memory tablet for the study of each horoscope. 113 pages

RAO K N Tried Techniques of Predictions £5/$9 PB
Rao talks about Astrology as the eye of wisdom, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Dr. Jonas Salk, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Guru Chandala Yoga and adds some of his own memoirs. 89 pages

RAO K N Ups and Downs in Career £7.50/$13 PB
The author uses a 3 stage method here. Yogas, Dashas or planetary periods and the combined effects of Jupiter and Saturn are employed in case studies of the rise and fall of famous people. 158 pages

RAO K N Yogis, Destiny & the Wheel of Time £10/$18 PB
This book is about some of the hundreds of great Yogis of India the author has met over fifty-five years and astrological matters relating to them. This includes his own guru. There are photographs of a number of them and a good index. 285 pages

RAO R G Bhrigu Nandi Nadi £13/$23 HB £9/$16 PB
This book has portions of the Nandi Nadi and the Bhrigu Nadi combined. It was published before ‘Fortune Telling from the Planets and uses the same system as that book, which concentrates on planetary Karakas, or significators. The book contains 500 horoscopes as examples, with a wealth of predictions illustrated. 332 pages

RAO R G Bhrigu Prashna Nadi £7/$12 PB
This book contains 107 predictions and a method to discover which one of these to apply to someone who comes to the astrologer with a question. This is from the Bhrigu Nadi. Before reading the predictions the astrologer is instructed to recite the Guru Mantra into which he has been initiated. 159 pages

RAO R G Fortune Telling from the Planets £7/$12 PB
The book starts with an explanation of the importance of Karakatvas, or planetary indicators and there follows an astrological system of chart interpretation based on the used of these indicators. This includes considering the planets in each sign and planetary permutations, or how they can all combine in various ways. 230 pages

RAO R G Natal Chart from Palm £3/$5 PB
A difficult little book to study. However it is clear from the information given that the science is very detailed and that your chart is in your hand as clearly as it is on a sheet of paper. However, many diagrams are impossible to decipher, being badly printed and the language is so terse and impenetrable that this is not for beginners in Palmistry. A very useful comparison of Indian and Western Palmistry terms is given. 92 pages

RAO R G Profession from the Position of Planets £4/$7 PB
The author says that the information here is from the Nadis- or traditions attributed to one sage or another. There is a short description of each planet and their relationships and then 74 charts to illustrate the principles. Some knowledge of terminology necessary as there is no translation of terms or glossary, etc. 108 pages

RAO R G Samudrika Sudha £4/$7 PB
This small book describes traditional Indian Palmistry.

RAO R G Your Destiny in Thumb £3/$5 PB
Reading birth charts from the thumb is a famous skill of Indian astrologers. The book explains how the ascendant is arrived at and how predictions are made. Here are numerous plates, or photographic reproductions, rather than just diagrams. This author’s books are not very easy to study, but this is better than some and the English is quite well constructed. 124 pages

RAO R G Your Face Mirrors Fortune £3/$5 PB
Subtitled Vedic Physiognomy. It is said that an expert can tell your chart and fortune from simply looking at your face. This is a rather brief exposition, but has some useful information about the science, which is called sometimes Samudrika Shastra or Sharira Shastra. The ideal features expressed by Rama are also referred to. 112 pages

RAO S K S Sports and Astrology £9/$16 PB
This is mainly a book about what astrological factors influence Indian cricketers, for example what in the birth chart makes a fast bowler, or a wicket keeper. The author worked with the approval of a number of cricketing stars and many charts have been assembled. There is an interesting chapter on Hora determining outcomes in various sports
matches. Many charts of matches and predictions made. A fascinating study. 219 pages

RATH S Jaimini Maharshi’s Upadesha Sutras £13/$23 PB
An explanation of all of Jaimini’s original Sutras. A number of riddles hitherto confronting vedic astrology have been resolved including the difference between Chara, Sthira and Naisargika karakas, the distinction between ‘karakamsa’ and ‘swamsa’ and the use of special ascendants in deciphering and timing Rajyoga/Dhanyogas. However the essential Katapayadi Sutra table has errors and should be taken from the author’s web-site. 421 pages

RATH S Narayana Dasha £8/$14 PB
Narayana Dasa shows general results and is based on signs and the progression of the ascendant in a person’s life. As one Dasa ends and another begins, so one sign ends and the next becomes the progressed ascendant. The author shows how this works in natal charts, in divisional charts and in mundane matters as well. 241 pages

RATH S Timing of Events – Crux of Vedic Astrology £15/$27 PB
This is the author’s most celebrated work. It takes a chapter on each of the 12 houses and goes into details with many examples of the examination of charts using the Jaimini method of astrology.

RATH S Varga Chakra £10/$18 PB
The book contains the papers presented at a conference on divisional charts in 2002. Some are quite ordinary, but others are exceptionally good and important to study. Jaimini principles are included here. 320 pages

RATH S Vedic Remedies in Astrology £15/$27 HB
This book both consolidates the various types of remedial measures available in the sacred literature, and also shows how to read the horoscope and recommend Vedic Remedies. The author explains such matters as Mantra and Yantra, Kundalini and the classification of remedial measures on the basis of Guna (nature). 451 pages

RATH S Vimshottari & Udu Dashas £9/$16 PB
The author explains that this book is an attempt to explain parts of the Brhat Parashara Hora Shastra relating to Nakshatra Dashas, such as Vimshottari Dasha. He has found that there is much more to Parashara than has previously been written about and reveals many secrets of astrological timing here. 262 pages

RAYUDU P V R How to Read a Horoscope £12/$21 HB $9/$16 PB
An unusual, rather original way of examining astrological matters is given here. The author gives his method for examining benefic and malefic force of a planet and gives predictions for each placement of such a planet. It is quite useful as a second string in terms of astrological cookbooks to warn the astrologer of possible effects of planetary placements. 442 pages

RAYUDU P V R How to Match Horoscopes for Marriage £5/$9 PB
A basic but thorough book, which just gives the bare information about the traditional methods of matching charts.
If you wish to use the traditional Kuta system of measurement this would be useful as a resource, but does not help much with the explanation or the basis of each step in the process of matching charts. Not for beginners really, but quite a useful little book. 56 pages

RING K Predicting the Weather by the Moon £9.95 PB
This books shows what an amazing amount of knowledge can come from simple observation. The author has become a celebrated TV personality in New Zealand just through his study of the Moon and its effects on the weather, which was started off by the needs and opportunities of his mobile-home lifestyle. Essential astrological knowledge from an amateur. 192 pages

SAHA N N Stellar Healing £7/$12 PB
This book discusses the cure and control of diseases through gems, the values and utility of gems in our daily life and colour and its influence in our lives. The title is misleading as almost the whole book examines the planets rather than the stars. 246 pages

SAKSENA K C Venus in Astrology £15/$27 HB
It is a little known fact that Venus has inspired more mythology than any other planet. Of course it is the brightest true planet in our sky and deserves that honour. This book is a large compendium of all the astrological information about Venus in Astrology, its placements, associations, planetary periods, transits, etc., etc. 483 pages

SANTHANAM R Brhat Parashara Hora Shastra £27/$49 HB £22/$40 PB
This is the main seminal work of traditional Vedic Astrology. Necessary reading for every serious student. Although some of the Sanskrit is better translated here, the other edition by G C Sharma is often used for its more voluminous notes.

SANTHANAM R Devakeralam (Chandra Kala Nadi) vol. 1 £16/$29 HB
vol. 2 £16/$29 HB
vol. 3 £16/$29 HB
This series of books is a translation of the famous Chandra Kala Nadi, which is from Kerala. There are readings based on each Nadi (150th of a chart) position and some useful notes.

SANTHANAM R Discoveries & Lessons in Practical Vedic Astrology £12.50/$22 PB
A large collection of astrological matters from the author’s own column in the Times of Astrology and TimeSpectrum. There are chapters on Marriage, 11th house, Rectification, Unusual horoscopes, house analysis and lots of miscellaneous matters. 511 pages

SANTHANAM R Doctrines of Suka Nadi £6/$10 PB
Another translation of Nadi readings from the author. It is based on an old Tamil text about 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th house, Ashtakavarga and a few other matters. 160 pages

SANTHANAM R Essentials of Hindu Predictive Astrology £14/$25 HB £10/$18 PB
Essentials is perhaps a slight misnomer. Certainly these are very important matters, but this is not an introductory book, rather a miscellany of very interesting matters, such as information about Gulika, Kala Chakra Dasa, Retrogrades, Pindayu calculation, Earthquakes and other matters. 352 pages

SANTHANAM R Garga Hora £8/$14 HB
This is a translation of a famous work by the sage Garga. There are general principles and readings for the possible planetary conjunctions in each house. 184 pages

SANTHANAM R Hora Ratnam £17.50/$31 PB
This is a treasure trove of astrological matters collected in the 16th century by Bala Bhadra. The Sanskrit verses are given with translation and notes. The verses are mainly readings for planets in various positions including divisional charts, Nakshatras, houses, etc., etc. 950 pages

SANTHANAM R Hora Sara £12/$21 HB £9/£16 PB
This work by the son of the famous Varahamihira contains a number of principles of predictive astrology. It is mostly his own version and development of his father’s famous Brihat Jataka. There are rules relating to Rajayogas, Ashtaka Varga, female horoscopy, Nashta Jataka, yogas for poverty, for long life, for instant death and Dasha effects with copious notes. 333 pages

SANTHANAM R Jyotisharnava Navanitam £7.50/$13 PB
Legend has it that Parvati asked Shiva about astrology in order that suffering humanity could be helped out of their misfortunes. This is a record of that conversation. The book discusses Bhavas or houses, transits, Ashtakavarga and various Yogas as well as a small miscellany of other matters. 216 pages

SANTHANAM R Nashta Jatakam £6/$10 PB
This is a translation of a work by Mukundacharya, which itself gathers together aphorisms of Varahamihira, Kalyana Varma, Amirchandra and Kerala scholars. The title is translated into English as Lost Horoscopy, or the art of finding the ascendant in the absence of birth details. 151 pages

SANTHANAM R Saravali of Kalyana Varma (2 vols) £25/$45 HB £18/$33 PB
A voluminous work dealing with the effects of planetary states at birth, mutual significators, various developments of the embryo in the mother, disposition of planets to cause and counteract evils, a number of Raja Yogas bestowing high status, planetary conjunctions and roles of decanates. 846 pages

SANTHANAM R Satya Jatakam £6/$10 PB
This is an English translation of a famous work by Satyacharya, which is considered to embody the principles of the Dhruva Nadi. There are sections on effects of planets in constellations, results for houses and house lords by placement in any house and many rules pertaining to Navamsha. In addition many important rules not found in standard works are here. 152 pages

SANTHANAM R Shambhu Hora Prakasha £10/$18 PB
The author of this work is known as Punja Raja and it is from the 16th century. There are 1349 Sanskrit verses with translation and commentary. All of the verses are of traditional wisdom handed down from teacher to student over many generations. By Hora is meant natal astrology, so this is a compendium of various subjects, including signs, houses, Ashtakavarga, Yogas, Dashas, etc. 336 pages

SARASWATHY Dr K N Sun £2.50/$4.50 PB
Each of this series of small books on the planets begins with a dedication and preface relating to the father of the author, which takes 15 pages, followed by the same general introduction in each book, starting incidentally with a quotation from Shakespeare, and then the remaining 50-55 pages are given to a short description of the planet and a large section of prayers, the 108 Sanskrit names of the planet and a few pages of prayers and mantras in Sanskrit. A useful resource for students, but one large book could have held all this information. 80 pages approx. each book

SARASWATHY Dr K N Moon £2.50/$4.50 PB

SARASWATHY Dr K N Mars £2.50/$4.50 PB

SARASWATHY Dr K N Mercury £2.50/$4.50 PB

SARASWATHY Dr K N Jupiter £2.50/$4.50 PB

SARASWATHY Dr K N Venus £2.50/$4.50 PB

SARASWATHY Dr K N Saturn £2.50/$4.50 PB

SARASWATHY Dr K N Rahu £2.50/$4.50 PB

SARASWATHY Dr K N Ketu £2.50/$4.50 PB

SAREEN S S Chamatkar Chintamani £7/$12 PB
Highly recommended! The book gives readings for each planet posited alone or jointly in each house and notable matters in each category. 164 pages

SAREEN S S Jataka Alankara £4/$7 PB
A highly regarded classic of Sanskrit verses with translation regarding houses, yogas, Ayurdaya or longevity and position of the ascendant lord in each house. 79 pages

SAREEN S S Jataka Desh Marga £8/$14 PB
Another Sanskrit classic. There are verses, translation, notes and discussion of various classical authors’ opinions on some of the subjects. There is a very good chapter on Bhava Vichara, or house interpretation. 252 pages

SAREEN S S Jataka Tattva of Mahadeva £7/$12 PB
The author lived about 150 years ago. The title gives the clue that the work is divided into 5 chapters like the 5 Tattvas or elements. These are main principles of astrology, circumstances of the birth and destiny, examination of the 12 houses, female horoscopy and Dashas of planetary periods. Just short verses and translation without notes. 283 pages

SAREEN S S Laghu Parashari Siddhant £6/$10 PB
A highly regarded little book, which is a translation of two very short works by Parashara with copious notes. The main subject is Vimshottari Dasha. 184 pages

SAREEN S S Phala Deepika £10/$18 PB
Mantreshwara’s Phala Deepika is considered to be one of the most important classics of astrology, which every student should study. The translation is good, but without notes. 329 pages

SAREEN S S Prasanagnana of Bhattotpala £4/$7 PB
This book by the famous commentator of Brhat Jataka is thought to have been written over 1000 years ago. It is a short work on horary astrology with translation and notes. 96 pages

SAREEN S S Uttara Kalamrita of Kalidasa £6/$10 PB
Kalidasa is India’s most famous author. His story of ‘Shakuntala’ was the first work of Sanskrit literature widely known in the West. He also produced this classic on astrology, which includes many rules not found elsewhere and a comprehensive collection of planetary significations. 163 pages

SAXENA D P Happiness in Married Life £6/$10 PB
The book approaches the subject of marriage from the point of view of happiness. There are chapters on all aspects of judgment of planetary effects. A lot of explanation is included. 176 pages

SAXENA D P Saturn, Friend and Guide £5/$9 PB
Chapters discussing the essential nature of Saturn, Saturn in each element, sign and house and in aspect to each other planet; then several chart examples, Sade Sati and Remedies. The author, who appears to be extremely well versed in the classical works of the Indian authors, is trying to merge Vedic Astrology with Western psychological astrology. 190 pages

SEKHAR Prof J The Best Bet £9/$16 PB
In this highly recommended book Prof. Sekhar has investigated the traditional methods of matchmaking used in Indian Astrology and has endeavoured to explain why each technique is used and what it means for a relationship. He has given additional methods and shown uses for them as well as ways to refine the traditional methods for today’s society.

SHARMA G C Brhat Parashara Hora Shastra (2 vols) £30/$54 HB
The principal authoritative text of Vedic Astrology by Parashara, the father of the even more famous author of the Mahabharata, Vyasa. This translation has extensive notes. 797 pages

SHARMA G C Bhava Kutuhalam £9/$16 PB
This esteemed classical work has Sanskrit verses, translation and many notes. There are chapters on Arishta - evils, Rajayogas, Avasthas – states of planets, and houses and dashas. 273 pages

SHARMA G C Jataka Bharnam £18/$33 HB
This is a highly valued work from the 16th century author Dundiraja, with many readings not easily obtainable elsewhere, such as effects of birth in Months, Days, Tithis, Nakshatras, Yogas, etc., readings for the 12 houses, aspects of planets, how to use various Chakras, transit effects and much more. 823 pages

SHARMA G C Muhurta Chintamani £10/$18 PB
This is one of the most important classical works on Muhurta, or electional astrology, with a large collection of rules to apply. It has Sanskrit verses, translation and notes. For advanced students. 318 pages

SHARMA L C Predictive Astrology £12/$21 PB
The subtitle is Fundamental Principles and Analysis of Horoscope. This is quite a large introductory volume from a teacher from the BVB in Delhi. It is divided into two sections as in the subtitle. There is a large chapter on Yogas in the 1st section. The 2nd section has a number of horoscopes with analysis of each house. 407 pages

SHARMA L C Predictive Astrology – Muhurta, Marriages & Children £10/$18 PB
There are three sections as per the title. Muhurta is divided into 4 – Basic components, Yogas, Transits and some special Muhurtas; Marriage includes the traditional ways of judgment, timing using Ashtakavarga, anomalies and denial of marriage or combinations for widowhood; Children has a similar approach but begins with an assessment of Karma using the 5th, 7th and 9th houses and has chapters on father – son relationships and some controversial matters such as Kala Sarpa Yoga. 322 pages

SHARMA S Mystery of Rahu in a Horoscope £6/$10 PB
The author is a student of KN Rao. This book is a summary of researches into the subject. There is a very useful table of the descriptions of Rahu from various classics and their predictions for Rahu Dasha and Rahu Bhukti, plus a variety of other matters, such as Rahu transits, Rahu/Venus and Venus Rahu periods, divisional charts and Nakshatras with reference to Rahu. 134 pages

SHASTRI P S Brhat Jataka £9/$16 HB
After Parashara the next most renowned author is Varahamihira and this is a translation of his work with notes and some comments. Jataka means horoscopy and this book is a compendium of wisdom on that. 219 pages

SHASTRI P S Jaimini Sutram £14/$25 HB £10/$18 PB
Prof. Shastri places Jaimini before Parashara and distinct from other famous authors of the same name. This is quite possible, but there is a lack of evidence to show that. This book is a translation of the Jaimini Sutras with many notes and chart examples to show what is being meant. The Katapayadi sutra is given as well, but there appears to be an error in the final part of it. 388 pages

SHASTRI P S Rectification of Birth Time £5/$9 PB
The book shows traditional methods as well as one given in Uttara Kalamrita and rectification based on the Tattvas or elements present at birth. Also there is a chapter on rectification based on the conception chart and one on ‘Directions’ or progressions. A useful book to get to understand the subject. 123 pages

SHASTRI P S Secrets of Ashtakavarga £10/$18 HB
This is a straightforward translation with notes of a classical work by Acharya Mukunda Daivajna. As such it is not an easy read for 21st century students, but it is a worthwhile study. 202 pages

SHASTRI P S Scientific Hindu Astrology (2 vols) £30/$54 HB
This is a recently published massive work claiming to cover the whole of the science of Astrology in a ‘Scientific’ Way. The reader can judge if it has succeeded. The author has a good reputation. 949 pages

SHASTRI P S Uttara Kalamrita £8/$14 PB
This is quite a good presentation of this famous classic by Kalidasa, India’s most famous author. There are copious notes and some charts as examples. (See also version by Sareen here) 262 pages

SHASTRI V S Jataka Parijata (3 vols) £30/$54 HB
The author is believed to have lived in the 14th century. There are verses, translation and notes. This is an important work, covering much of the science of astrology, often used in University courses. 1080 pages

SHUBHAKARAN K T Nakshatra Based Predictions with Remedial Measures £12.50/$22 HB
First of all the book classifies the Nakshatras and gives mantras for protection. Then there is a chapter on each Nakshatra with description for those born in (i.e. ascendant or Moon in) that Nakshatra. There are readings for each planet in the carious Nakshatras and remedies for problems associated with them. 359 pages

SHUBHAKARAN K T Dasha Predictions (vol. 2 of above) £12.50/$22 HB
After introductory chapters with an explanation of the methods used and how the calculations are done there are chapters on each planetary Dasha in the Vimshottari scheme and readings for each Dasha to third level. 308 pages

SHUBHAKARAN K T Mystical Formulae – Part 1 - Mantras £12.50/$22 HB
An explanation and description of the use of over 400 Mantras for a variety of purposes. Traditionally Mantras would be given to a student by his teacher. 287 pages

SHUBHAKARAN K T Mystical Formulae – Part 2 – Yantras £15.00/$27 HB
Methods and rules for the writing of Yantras and a description of 216 of them with illustrations. 216 pages

SINGH M P Planets in Orbit £13.50/$24 PB
A large study of planetary transit. First there is a chapter on essential matters, then a chapter on each planet and another on transit of Nakshatras. Then how to examine transit using Ashtakavarga, and explanations of special techniques such as Sarvatobhadrachakra. There are 50 pages of very useful appendices. 415 pages

SINGH N Predicting through Chatursheeti Sama Dasha £7/$12 PB
This is a conditional Dasha, a Nakshatra Dasha applicable to horoscopes where the 10th lord is placed in the 10th house. There are some introductory chapters and a chapter on each Ascendant. 215 pages

SUTTON K Essentials of Vedic Astrology £13.99 PB
A very easy to read introductory book by one of the founders of the British Association for Vedic Astrology. The final chapter is an example of the methods given applied to the chart of Prince William. 333 pages.

SUTTON K The Lunar Nodes – Crisis & Redemption £14.50 PB
A very good introduction to Rahu and Ketu and the concept of the karmic axis. There are good chapters on the meaning of Rahu and Ketu in each sign and in each Nakshatra. Eclipse dates until 2019 are given. 177 pages

SUTTON K Vedic Love Signs £9.99 PB
The Nakshatras have animal symbols and the book uses these to show which people are compatible. The book is designed so that those who are used to Western Astrology can have access to the concepts of the Nakshatras without studying Vedic Astrology. 388 pages

SURYANARAIN RAO B Jaimini Sutras £4.50/$8 PB
The author is the famous grandfather of BV Raman. This is a translation with full notes on the first two Adhyayas or literally lectures by the Sage Jaimini. 208 pages

SURYANARAIN RAO B Brihat Jataka £12/$21 HB £9/$16 PB
This book has also been translated by Prof. PS Shastri and Vijnananda Swami. This version, first published in 1918, has extensive notes and chart examples. 639 pages

SURYANARAIN RAO B Sri Sarvarthachintamani (2 vols) £25/$45 HB
This is a translation of a work on predictive astrology by Venkatesha Daivajna with excellent notes from the translator, the erudite grandfather of BV Raman. It appears to be a collection from the author Venkatesha’s time of the best verses on astrology he could gather together. Notes vary from a few lines to a few pages with illustrations. 835 pages

SVOBODA R The Greatness of Saturn £7/$12 PB
This is the best book to read to understand the nature of Saturn. The book opens with a debate in the court of King Vikramaditya about which planet is most important, with the king as judge. Saturn, who is passing by at that moment, hears the king speaking about him and feels insulted, so he descends to the court and announces that his seven and a half year period passing over the Moon of the king is about to begin and then the book describes what happens to the king. 292 pages

THITE H K Gunakar’s Hora Makarand £8/$14 PB
This is a translation with commentary of an earlier work, which seems to synthesize views of various more famous authors. There are some very original presentations of divisional charts, Ashtakavarga and span of life, plus an interesting chapter on non-human births as well as chapters on Yogas, Moon in different signs, female horoscopy and many others. 223 pages

TRIVEDI P Rahu Ketu Experience £16/$29 HB £12/$21 PB
The book is very full of information on Rahu and Ketu with chapters on Rahu and Ketu, their constellations, numerology, associations with other planets, special Yogas, dashas and transits, synastry including the outer planets used in Western Astrology, and the nodal axis in different signs and houses and propitiation. 392 pages

TRIVEDI P Sun the Cosmic Powerhouse £10/$18 HB £6/$10 PB
This gives the Sun a similar treatment to this author’s book on Rahu and Ketu. See above for main chapters. Instead of Nodal axis read Sun in the various signs and houses. 128 pages.

VARAHAMIHIRA Daivajna Vallabha £5/$9 PB
This is a work on Horary Astrology, or answering queries, by the great 6th century astrologer Varahamihira. Many subsequent works by important astrologers have borrowed verses from this original. 115 pages

VASAN Dr T S How to Read a Bhava £3/$5 PB
Quite a technical book on houses full of rules; better for the more advanced student. 64 pages

VASUDEV G D Art of Matching Charts £7/$12 PB
There are useful chapters for the astrologer on Mental Health, More than One Marriage and Balancing of Malefic Content in charts, as well as the Kuta system and there are lots of practical examples. The author is the editor of the Astrological Magazine of Bangalore. 186 pages

VASUDEV G D Astrology & the Hoax of ‘Scientific Temper’ £6/$10 PB
Here the author tries to rebuff all of the main criticisms levelled at Astrology by modern science. There are some very interesting chapters written by famous people supporting astrology. 348 pages

VASUDEV G D Practical Horary Astrology £4/$7 PB
A small book giving the basics of horary astrology with an explanation of the Tajika system of Yogas. 147 pages

VASUDEV P K Vedic Astrology in Money Matters £13/$23 PB
Financial astrology is a specialist area and of such value potentially that secrets will not be simply laid out to make the casual reader an instant fortune. However, there is little available on this subject and here is a large collection of information about various techniques, any one of which would be a valuable tool if used correctly. 493 pages

VERMA O P Profession through Astrology £6/$10 PB
This is a kind of survey of the subject, so the book contains a lot but not in great detail. Numerous quotes of verses are given from the classics and translated. In the final chapter there are 63 chart examples 184 pages

VIJNANANDA SWAMI Brhajjatakam of Varahamihira £16/$29 HB
This is a very useful edition of the Brhat Jataka. The Sanskrit verses are translated word by word and then in verse form and full explanatory notes are given. 400 pages

VIJNANANDA SWAMI Srimad Devi Bhagavatam £24/$44 HB
This is the equivalent book in the Shakta tradition to the Bhagavata Purana or Srimad Bhagavatam of the Vaishnava tradition. This is a very large single volume. Much astrological information is contained here. Rather small type. 1192 pages

WILHELM E Classical Muhurta £19.95 PB
An excellent modern, very detailed presentation of the science of Muhurta with explanations of the concepts. There is a large chapter giving guidelines for specific Muhurtas or finding times for various matters, such as marriage, building a house, etc. 374 pages

WILHELM E Core Yogas £12.50 PB
Yogas, or planetary combinations, are divided into categories, such as Nabhasa, Pancha Mahapurusha, Solar, Lunar, Lagna, Malika, etc. Numerous charts of well-known people are given to show the results of the Yogas. Recommended. 248 pages

WILHELM E Vault of the Heavens £22.00 HB
This has a claim - hotly contested of course - to be the best of the introductory books available. It is certainly a very good introduction to the science and goes into considerable detail. Also the book itself is very well produced. 370 pages

WISHWAKARMA R K & RANGACHARI K Tajikashastra £9/$16 PB
This is a book about the annual horoscope found from the Sun’s progressed position, called Varshaphal. Includes a glossary and index 208 pages

WOODROFFE Sir J The Serpent Power £13/$23 PB
This is a very famous translation of Sanskrit works on Laya Yoga, otherwise known as Tantra, with extensive commentary. There are chapters on disembodied and embodied consciousness, Mantra, the centres or Lotuses in the body and the practice of yoga. 500 pages